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Abstract #4923

Eddy-Current-Compensated RF Pulse Design for Parallel Excitation

Hai Zheng1, Tiejun Zhao2, Tamer Ibrahim1, Fernando Emilio Boada1

1MR Research Center, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States; 2Siemens Medical Systems, Malvern, PA, United States

High-performance RF coils for high or ultra high field MRI often require the use of RF shields that are in close proximity to the imaged volume. These shields can sometimes generate Eddy-currents that are not adequately compensated for using the pre-emphasis algorithm of the scanner and lead to severe distortions in the desired excitation pattern. In this work, we introduce a simple yet effective method for designing eddy-current-compensated parallel transmit RF pulses and demonstrate its effectiveness using simulations as well as experimental data at 7T.