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Abstract #4931

A Fast Algorithm for Local-1gram-SAR Optimized Parallel-Transmit RF-Pulse Design

Alessandro Sbrizzi1, Hans Hoogduin2, Jan J. Lagendijk2, Peter Luijten2, Gerard Sleijpen3, Cornelis A. van den Berg2

1Imaging Division, UMC utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2UMC Utrecht; 3Mathematics, Utrecht University

In this paper we present a novel approach to the fast design of local SAR optimized multidimensional spatially selective RF pulses. It is based on the application of a multi-shift Conjugate Gradients (mCGLS) algorithm for computing RF pulses whose resulting local 1 gram SAR is more uniformly distributed, lowering the maximal value over the whole 3D spatial domain. The method was validated by simulations showing a reduction of 23% of the maximal SAR.