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Abstract #4946

Design of Velocity Selective Inversion Pulse for VSASL Using the Shinnar-Le Roux Algorithm

Kangrong Zhu1, Kui Ying1, Xinlu Xu1, William Grissom2, Michael Lustig2, John Pauly2

1Tsinghua University, Beijing, China; 2Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

A new method which employs the SLR algorithm to generate velocity selective inversion pulse is presented and a design example is shown. Simulation results demonstrate that the slice profile of the designed inversion pulse is very smooth and that the pulse has good resistance to B1 inhomogeneity. Phantom studies verified the frequency selectivity and the velocity selectivity of the pulse. All results imply that the pulse is potentially suitable for use as a tagging pulse in VSASL. The design method enables the pulse designer to explicitly trade off among important parameters such as slice thickness, pulse duration and pass-band ripple.