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Abstract #4960

A General Trajectory Tester

Lawrence Frank1,2, Greg Balls1, Souheil Inati3, Leslie Greengard4

1Radiology, UCSD, La Jolla, CA, United States; 2Radiology, VASDHS, San Diego, CA, United States; 3Dept of Psychology, NYU, New York; 4Courant Institute, NYU, New York, United States

We present a software platform called the General Trajectory Tester (GTT) that allows users to input arbitrary 3D k-space trajectories, in an arbitrary number of interleaves, which are then used to sample and reconstruct a known 3D analytical phantom. The GTT can also simulate diffusion weighting, including arbitrary diffusion angular encoding schemes for DTI, multiple b-values, eddy current and motion induced artifacts and self-navigation, and so is a natural platform to test efficient DTI acquisition and self-navigation schemes.