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Abstract #4962

Improved BPE Reconstruction Using FOCUSS

Hisamoto Moriguchi1, Yutaka Imai1

1Radiology, Tokai University, Isehara, Kanagawa, Japan

Bunched Phase Encoding (BPE) is a new type of fast data acquisition method in MRI that takes advantage of zigzag k-space trajectories. A primary disadvantage of BPE is that images reconstructed using matrix inversion methods are sometimes affected by high levels of noise. In this study, a novel framework to reduce SNR loss in BPE reconstruction is presented. In this technique, high frequency k-space data are processed using regularization and the focal underdetermined system solver (FOCUSS). The newly proposed method is referred to as eBPE-FOCUSSf. Noise levels in the images of BPE-FOCUSS are substantially reduced from those of BPE.