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Abstract #4968

Efficient T2*- Contrast Manipulations in 3D Abdominal Imaging Using Autocorrected Forward/Reverse Spiral MRI

Peter Brnert1, Peter Koken1, Holger Eggers1

1Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany

Large volume coverage, short total scan time, robust fat suppression and dedicated measures to varyimage contrast are important issues in abdominal MRI. To manipulate T2* weighting from very weak to very strong, 3D single breath-hold forward and reverse spiral imaging is performed in combination with three-point chemical-shift imaging (IDEAL) for high quality fat suppression and off-resonance artifact correction. Parallel imaging was employed to improve SNR, sampling efficiency and to achieve an up-front data compression during image reconstruction and correction. The combination of forward/reverse spiral signal sampling, IDEAL and SENSE could pave the way for interesting future water / fat resolved clinical applications.