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Abstract #5109

Pharmacokinetic Modelling of DCE-MRI at Moderate Temporal Resolution: Dealing with Tumours Which Wash Out Extremely Fast

David John Manton1, Martin D. Pickles1, Martin Lowry1, Lindsay W. Turnbull1

1YCR Centre for MR Investigations, Hull-York Medical School, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Dynamic, contrast-enhanced MRI was carried out with a temporal resolution of approximately 30 s. When a simple, two-compartment pharmacokinetic model without a significant signal contribution from blood plasma (SSCP) was utilised, the quality of fit was poor in breast tumours demonstrating extremely rapid contrast wash-out. More sophisticated models were then investigated with the best performance being achieved by a Tofts-Kermode-Kety model with an SSCP as modelled by a bi-exponential fit to the latter part of the Parker population arterial input function (i.e. ignoring early bolus peaks and assuming instantaneous mixing). This model also yielded parameters which are more physiologically realistic.