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Abstract #5115

Segmentation of the Structure of the Mouse Spinal Cord on DTI Images

Michal Sdika1, Virginie Callot1, Mathias Hebert1, Guillaume Duhamel1, Patrick J. Cozzone1

1CRMBM/CNRS UMR6612, Facult de mdecine, Universit de la Mditrrane, Marseille, France, France

In this work, a fully automated method is proposed to segment the sub-structures of the mouse spinal Cord. WM/GM segmentation is used as input of the proposed method and on output, the GM substructures are distributed in Left Ventral and Dorsal GM and Right ventral and dorsal GM whereas substructures of WM were distributed into Left Lateral WM, Right Lateral WM, Ventral WM and Dorsal WM. The method has been evaluated by visual assessment and correlation with manual segmentation on 10 DTI images of mice acquired at 11.75T and show promising results.