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Abstract #5117

Accurate Adipose Tissue Segmentation from Single Gradient Echo Phase Images by Adaptive Local Thresholding

Christian Wrslin1, Frank Eibofner1, Fabian Springer1, Fritz Schick1

1Department of Diagnostical and Interventional Radiology, Section on Experimental Radiology, University Hospital Tbingen, 72076 Tbingen, Germany

In many applications, a quantification of fat is desired. Most (semi-)automatic procedures use T1-weighted spin echo images to accomplish this. These approaches are time-consuming and a precise quantification is usually complicated by a high amount of partial volume effects. We propose a quantification procedure based on one single phase image, acquired with a gradient echo technique and opposed-phase condition. This maximizes the contrast in between fat- and water- dominated tissues and is less time-consuming. The phase divergence, arising from inhomogeneities, is compensated for using an automated algorithm, enabling a precise fat quantification by thresholding. Phantom measurements show a high precision.