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Abstract #5128

3D Radial UTE MRI for Serial Assessment of Fibrosis Development and Silicone Implant Distortion in Rat.

Lindsey Alexandra Crowe1, Giorgio Petramaggiori2, Sonia Nielles-Vallespin3, Peter Speier3, Enrico Vigato4, Hicham Majd4, Jean-Paul Valle1

1Department of Radiology, Geneva University Hospital, University of Geneva, Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Department of Surgery, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland; 3Siemens AG Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany; 4Department of Surgery, University of Geneva, Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland

Fibrotic reaction around implantable medical devices is an increasingly important problem, limiting function and causing pain. Up to 10-15% of silicone breast implants develop capsular contraction, necessitating replacement. A 3D radial MRI technique with ultrashort TE is proposed as an early, pre-clinical quantification method and to serially assess the formation of capsular tissue. With the reduction of chemical shift effect and motion artifacts, and high isotropic resolution, distortion, rupture and tissue build-up around the implants can be segmented and quantified. Results may lead to standardized methods for early detection of excessive capsular formation, decreasing complication rates in patients.