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Abstract #5132

Phase Derived Frequency Shift Mapping and DTI of White Matter Regions at 3T

Gisela E. Hagberg1, Andrea Cherubini1, Umberto Sabatini1, Carlo Caltagirone1

1Santa Lucia Scientific Foundation, Rome, Italy

Frequency shift, R2* and DTI-derived parameters (FA,MD) were evaluated in automatically parcellated white matter. The type of phase pre-processing affected the range and spatial contiguity of FS. The rank order of the 48 structures was significantly different between the evaluated parameters. The anterior and posterior limbs of the internal capsule had similar FA and MD, while the FS decreased and the R2* increased. In the commissural fibers, FS and MD values decreased from anterior to posterior while FA increased and T2* was greatest in the callosal body. The combined informational content thus depended both on fiber orientation and myelin density.