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Abstract #5149

Correlation Time Diffusion MRI of Mouse Liver at 11.7T: Magnetization Transfer Effects

Hernan Jara1, Stephan W. Anderson1, Osamu Sakai1, Jorge A. Soto1

1Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, United States

Purpose: To map the correlation time diffusion coefficient (CT-D) of ex vivo liver samples imaged at 11.7T and to compare results quantitatively vs. the standard pulsed-field gradient (PFG-D) diffusion MRI. Methods: A CT-D algorithm was applied to mouse liver images obtained with Tandem-TSE at 11.7T. Results: Excellent quantitative agreement was found between this non-PFG diffusion technique vs. the standard PFG diffusion technique. Conclusion: CT-D diffusion MRI is a viable alternative to standard PFG-diffusion MRI that produces higher SNR and is less demanding on the imaging gradients. This work could have implications for diffusion MRI microscopy.