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Abstract #0026

Detection & Mapping of Delays in Early Cortical Folding in Fetuses with Ventriculomegaly from In Utero MRI

Piotr A. Habas1, Julia A. Scott1, Vidya Rajagopalan1, Kio Kim1, A. James Barkovich1, Orit A. Glenn1, Colin Studholme1

1University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA

We present the results of spatially unconstrained detection and mapping of folding delays in fetuses with IMVM. MR imaging was performed for 16 IMVM subjects at 22.00-25.43GW and 22 age-matched controls. For each subject, a motion-corrected 3D MRI was reconstructed from multiple stacks of SSFSE T2w slices. Temporal changes in local curvature of the inner cortical surface were represented using a general linear model with a delay term for IMVM subjects. Significant folding delays were detected bilaterally along the parieto-occipital sulcus of IMVM subjects. Analysis with older fetuses will determine whether these differences are transient or persist into later gestation.