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Abstract #0110

Carotid Plaque Characteristics at MRI & Recurrent Clinical Cerebrovascular Ischemic Events

Robert Kwee1, Robert van Oostenbrugge2, Werner Mess2, Rob van der Geest3, Johannes ter Berg4, Cees Franke5, Arthur Korten6, B Meems7, Jos van Engelshoven2, Joachim Wildberger2, Eline Kooi2

1Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands; 2Maastricht University Medical Center, Netherlands; 3Leiden University Medical Center; 4Orbis Medical Center Sittard, Netherlands; 5Atrium Medical Center Parkstad Heerlen, Netherlands; 6Laurentius Hospital Roermond, Netherlands; 7VieCuri Medical Center Venlo, Netherlands

The results of this first study from mainland Europe suggest that the presence of intraplaque hemorrhage, larger lipid-rich necrotic core volume, and larger maximum vessel wall thickness of carotid plaques are associated with the recurrence of clinical cerebrovascular ischemic events. It confirms previous studies that intraplaque hemorrhage may predict future TIA or stroke. Assessment of carotid plaque characteristics by MRI may help improving patient selection for carotid endarterectomy.