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Abstract #0149

Short Dual-Band VAPOR-Like Pulse Sequence for Simultaneous Water & Lipid Suppression for In Vivo MR Spectroscopy & Spectroscopic Imaging

Zenon Starcuk Jr.1, Jana Starcukova1, Zenon Starcuk1

1Magnetic Resonance & Bioinformatics, Institute of Scientific Instruments, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Brno, Czech Republic

Short VAPOR-like water suppression sequences have been shown feasible without sacrificing B1 and T1 insensitivity and exhibiting improved excitation profiles. The same construction principle, i.e. optimization of flip angles and pulse durations of chemical-shift selective pulses interleaved with fixed short delays, is proposed to be applied to fat suppression as well. Independently optimized water- and fat-presaturation sequences are superimposed into a series of customized dual-band presaturation pulses, followed by B1-insensitive inversion and a spin-echo localization module. The reduced length and improved robustness of such a sequence may improve quantifiability and suit the needs of spectroscopic imaging.