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Abstract #0218

Methods for Quantification of Absolute Myocardial Oxygen Consumption with 17O-CMR

David Muccigrosso1, Xiang He2, Dana Abendschein1, Adil Bashir1, Pradeep Gupte3, Wei Chen4, Robert J. Gropler1, Jie Zheng1

1Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, USA; 2University of Pittsburg; 3Rockland Technimed, Ltd.; 4University of Minnesota

A cardiac MR acquisition method and comprehensive model were developed to quantify regional absolute myocardial oxygen consumption using 17O-labeled perfluorocarbon compounds. Experiments were performed in normal and stenotic dogs to evaluate these methods. The calculated oxygen consumption rates agreed well with results in the literature. Mismatched areas between myocardial blood flow and oxygen deficit were observed in severely ischemic regions.