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Abstract #0245

Combined 31P & 1H MRSI in Recurrent Glioblastomas Prior & Post Antiangiogenetic Therapy

Ulrich Pilatus1, Oliver Bhr2, Joachim Steinbach2, Elke Hattingen1

1Institute of Neuroradiology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany; 2Senckenbergisches Institut fr Neuroonkologie, Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

31P and 1H MRSI was performed on recurrent glioblastomas prior and following treatment with the antiangiogenic agent Bevazizumab. Untreated tumor tissue revealed decreased glycerophosphocholine (GPE) and increased pH. In patients who were responding to the therapy (RANO criteria), both parameters reverted to normal levels within 8 weeks of treatment.