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Abstract #0289

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Arthroplasty: Comparison of MAVRIC & Conventional Fast Spin Echo Techniques

Matthew F. Koff1, Catherine Lee Hayter1, Parina Shah1, Kevin M. Koch2, Theodore T. Miller1,3, Hollis G. Potter1,3

1Department of Radiology & Imaging, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, USA; 2Applied Science Laboratory, General Electric Healthcare, Waukesha, WI, USA; 3Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY, USA

Significant susceptibility artifacts occur when performing MRI around orthopedic hardware. This study evaluated standard of care 2D FSE imaging with the multi-acquisition variable-resonance image combination (MAVRIC) technique. Patients with joint replacements (hip or shoulder) were scanned using optimized 2D FSE and MAVRIC sequences. MAVRIC scans improved the visualization of the synovium, bone and supraspinatus tendon in the shoulder. MAVRIC scans resulted in increased detection of synovitis, peri-prosthetic osteolysis and supraspinatus tendon tears, resulting in a change in diagnosis almost 50% of the cases. This study further supports the use of MAVRIC for clinical implementation.