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Abstract #0317

Study Axonal Transport Rate & Neuronal Turnover Rate of the Olfactory System using Novel MRI Anatomical Contrast Agent Gddota-CTB

Carolyn W.-H. WU1, Olga Vasalatiy2, Leslie G. Ungerleider3, Gary Griffiths2

1NeuroSpin / CEA, Gif Sur Yvette, le-de-France, France; 2IPDC /NHLBI / NIH, Rockville, MD, USA; 3LBC /NIMH /NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA

Understanding neuron functions including axonal transport and metabolic clearance rats are important to study why the diseased brains are malfunctional. Our recent developed MRI visible contrast agent GdDOTA-CTB allows longitudinally monitoring monosynaptically anatomically connected brain circutary. In this study we further test its application to study axonal transport and neuronal turnover in the olfactory system. This study will open the new possibility to study the olfactory related malfunctions in various neurodegeneration diseases.