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Abstract #0321

High R1 of Mn2+ Adsorbed to Hydrophilic Pores of Magnetoferritin Nanoparticles

Veronica Clavijo Jordan1, Kevin M. Bennett1

1School of Biological & Health Systems Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA

The enhancement of R1 due to paramagnetic ions can be modulated by controlling the sequestration and exchange of water protons around the ion. Here we report a new synthesis technique to enhance R1 by strategic placement of manganese (II) ions on the surface hydrophilic channels of apoferritin, causing a strong increase in R1. The results indicate that these manganese ions, when clustered in such channels on a highly filled apoferritin cavity (magnetoferritin), can create a per-ion R1 of 330mM-1s-1.