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Abstract #0327

6-Channel Radiative Transmit Array with a 16-Channel Surface Receiver Array for Improved Carotid Vessel Wall Imaging At 7T

Wouter Koning1, Erwin Langenhuizen1, Alexander J. E. Raaijmakers1, Cornelis A. T. van den Berg1, Jaco J. M. Zwanenburg1, Peter R. Luijten1, Dennis W. J. Klomp1

1University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands

For imaging the carotid arteries in the neck at 7T, a 6 channel radiative transmit array was designed and constructed with low RF power deposition and relative uniform B1+. The array was designed consisting of six separate single-side adapted dipole antennas attached to a neck pillow filled with water. It was able to deliver 20μT at the carotid arteries. Combined with a dedicated 16 channel small element receive coil a TSE sequence could be implemented to show that 7T can be used for clinical high spatial resolution imaging to asses carotid vessel wall integrity.