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Abstract #0330

Consistent High Acceleration Factor In-Vivo Tx SENSE with Generic (Measured or Simulated) Set of B1+ Maps on Load Independent Whole-Head Tx Arrays

Tamer S. Ibrahim1, Tiejun Zhao2, Fernando E. Boada

1University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh , PA, USA; 2Siemens Medical Solutions

Several major obstacles have prevented the widespread implementation of main-stream parallel transmission methods, specifically Tx-SENSE for 7T head imaging. These include a) the need for accurate B1+ field maps, b) coil and subject dependent increases in local SARs as a result of RF excitation, and 3) concerns regarding the unclear RF safety assurance of the PTX experiment. This work demonstrates consistent (12 subjects were tested) high acceleration factor in-vivo Tx-SENSE with a generic measured or simulated set of B1+ Maps on load independent whole-head 7T Tx Arrays. The Load Independent 16-channel Tx array covers the whole head volume.