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Abstract #0337

Assessment of Drug-Induced Vessel Remodeling in Experimental Bone Metastases By DCE MRI

Maren Bretschi1, Maximilian Merz1, Dorde Komljenovic1, Woflhard Semmler1, Tobias Buerle1

1Medical Physics in Radiology, DKFZ German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany

The aim of study was to investigate effects of inhibiting v3/v5 integrins on the vasculature in experimental breast cancer bone metastases using DCE MRI and immunohistological analysis. Results indicated a decrease in blood volume due to smaller and partly nonfunctional blood vessels and an increase in vessel permeability due to the increased number of immature vessels upon integrin inhibition. In conclusion, drug-induced vessel remodeling could be determined by DCE MRI in experimental breast cancer bone metastases.