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Abstract #0370

Imaging of the Permeability Dependence of Focused Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Opening at Distinct Pressures & Microbubble Diameters

Fotios Vlachos1, Yao-Sheng Tung1, Jameel Feshitan2, Mark Borden2, Elisa Konofagou1,3

1Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, USA; 2Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, USA; 3Radiology, Columbia University, New York, USA

This study investigates the permeability dependence of the focused ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening on different acoustic pressures and microbubble diameters. Dynamic contrast-enhanced MR images of the sonicated murine hippocampus were acquired and fitted to the generalized Tofts-Kermode kinetic mode. The BBB-opened region volume and the Ktrans values in the sonicated area were both found to depend on the acoustic pressure and the bubble size. Thus, the permeability maps may constitute a diagnostic tool for the assessment of the therapeutic agent uptake in the BBB-opened region.