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Abstract #0415

Investigation Tissue Micro-Structure Changes in Short Term Neuro-Plasticity with Diffusion MRI

Ido Tavor1, Shir Hofstetter1, Shani Ben-Amitay1, Yaniv Assaf1

1Neurobiology, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Characterizing brain plasticity with DTI is gaining interest in the last years. The cellular mechanism that leads to this observation is unclear. Alternative to DTI, models that disintegrate the diffusion MRI signal to different cellular sources were suggested. In the present work we have utilized CHARMED to study structural plasticity following a short term spatial memory task. It was found that MD decrease following 2 hours of spatial navigation computer game is characterized by a more significant increase in the fraction of restricted diffusion. This study shows the utility of the high b-value framework to study brain dynamics.