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Abstract #0606

Ten-Year Brain Atrophy Rate & Its Relevance to Disability in Multiple Sclerosis

Antonio Giorgio1, Maria Laura Stromillo1, Maria Letizia Bartolozzi2, Francesca Rossi3, Marco Battaglini3, Anita Blandino3, Leonello Guidi2, Patrizia Maritato2, Antonio Federico3, Nicola De Stefano3

1Department of Neurological & Behavioral Sciences , University of Siena, Siena, Italy; 2Neurology Unit, Hospital of Empoli, Italy; 3Department of Neurological & Behavioral Sciences, University of Siena, Siena, Italy

This ongoing study is the first report of a long-term (10 years) follow-up on brain atrophy in MS. Brain volume loss is, on average, -5% in MS patients and -3% in normal controls. It seems to be a global process, involving all tissue compartments. Brain atrophy rate, both global and in the grey matter, was associated to clinical worsening, particularly in subject with higher frequency of clinical relapses and progressing disability. This suggests that long-term global and grey matter brain atrophy change may provide a valuable outcome of longstanding disability and progression in patients with MS