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Abstract #0608

Quantitative Assessment of Iron in Multiple Sclerosis Lesions

Christian Langkammer1, Michael Khalil1, Christian Enzinger1, Mirja Wallner-Blazek1, Margit Jehna1, Siegried Fuchs1, Franz Fazekas1, Stefan Ropele1

1Department of Neurology, Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria

This study assessed iron accumulation in white matter lesions of 116 MS patients using R2* relaxometry. Intralesional R2* rates were compared to normal white matter of age matched controls and were related to clinical parameters. They showed a negative correlation with T2 lesion load and a positive correlation with brain atrophy and were significantly decreased in MS patients compared to white matter R2* rates of controls. The results of this work do not support expectations of increased iron accumulation in MS lesions, but rather indicate lower levels compared to normal white matter.