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Abstract #0694

Neuroanatomical Abnormalities in a Neuroligin3 R451C Knockin Mouse Model of Autism

Jacob Ellegood1, Jason P. Lerch1, R. M. Henkelman1

1Mouse Imaging Centre, the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The neuroligin and neurexin genes have been recognized in human autism association studies. The R451C substitution found in human autism has been replicated in a mouse model, the Neuroligin3 R451C knockin (NL3 KI).The purpose of this study was to examine the volumetric and white matter structural changes in the brain of the NL3 KI mouse using high resolution MRI and detailed statistical analysis. The NL3 KI mouse was found to have volume differences in many different structures in the brain. A Corpus callosum decrease is particularly interesting as it is seen in most human studies.