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Abstract #0722

Distortion of Gradient Coils Performances in Presence of Iron

Alice Borceto1, Andrea Viale1, Franco Bertora1, Leonardo Bertora2, Richard Bowtell3

1Robotics,Brain & Cognitive Science, Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, GE, Italy; 2Paramed Medical system, Genoa, (GE), Italy; 3Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonace Center, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom

The performances of an unshielded gradient system can be heavily affected by the presence of an iron yoke, increasing the non-linearity and non-uniformity of the field in the region of interest. This departure from ideal performance causes image distortions. It is therefore important to study the interaction between unshielded gradient coils and the iron yoke. Here, three different techniques for modelling the effect of iron (mirror coils, boundary element method and full finite element simulation) are presented and the results compared. Among the three the boundary element method offers the best compromise between accuracy and calculation time.