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Abstract #0750

Correction of Signal Loss in HYPR FLOW Reconstruction

Yijing Wu1, Steven Kecskemeti1, Patrick A. Turski, Charles A. Mistretta

1Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, MADISON, WI, USA

HYPR FLOW technique utilizes a separately acquired phase contrast image as a spatial constraint for HYPR processing of undersampled time frames acquired during the first pass of injected contrast and is able to provide high resolution 4D CE MRA. However, the spatially constraining image (complex difference) is susceptible to signal loss due to complex/slow flow, which in turn will degrade the final images. We present here a reconstruction method called IMAC HYPR FLOW, which combines both the magnitude image (MAG) and the complex difference image (CD) as the spatial constraint and utilizes the iterative HYPR (I-HYPR) to generate each individual time frame, such that the signal loss due to the complex/slow flow can be greatly recovered in the time-resolved contrast-enhanced time frames.