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Abstract #0795

Toward Non-Invasive Estimation of Portal Pressure Via MR Elastography

Sara Aristizabal1, Meng Yin1, Kevin J. Glaser1, Arunark Kolipaka1, Armando Manduca1, Richard L. Ehman1

1Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States

Portal hypertension is an important complication of chronic liver disease, and estimates of status of portal blood pressure elevation are regarded as important for management. This study evaluated the hypothesis that splenic stiffness assessed with MR Elastography is systematically related to splenic pulp pressure. The mechanical properties of seven resected ex-vivo pig spleens under varying splenic vein pressures were evaluated using MRE. A systematic increase in splenic stiffness with increase in pulp pressure was observed, providing preliminary evidence that MRE may provide a unique non-invasive method for estimating portal venous pressure.