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Abstract #0801

Influence of a Connected & Inactive Coil on a MR Exam: Liver Iron Load Measurement

Anou Sewonu1,2, Marine Beaumont3,4, Fanny Carbillet1, Malne Lohezic2, Ren Anxionnat4, Jacques Felblinger2,4, Gabriel Hossu3,4

1Alara-Solutions, Strasbourg, France; 2IADI Lab., Nancy-Universit, Nancy, France; 3CIT801, INSERM, Nancy, France; 4IADI Lab., CHU Nancy, Nancy, France

Quality assurance of liver iron assessment requires knowledge of a connected but inactive coil effects on the exam. Four volunteers were investigated on a 1.5T MR unit in body coil with an inactive torso coil plugged and then in body coil only. A signal-based method and a R2* method for liver iron measurement were used. Image quality was also assessed. Liver to muscle signal ratio and contrast were significantly decreased for body coil only measurement. R2* did not show any significant difference. Further investigation involving more subjects is required for confirming these promising outcomes.