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Abstract #0836

Quantification Accuracy of ADC Measurements from Whole-Body DWIBS

Alan John Stone1,2, Jacinta E. Browne3, Brian Lennon4, James F. Meaney5, Andrew J Fagan1,6

1Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging (CAMI), St. Jamess Hospital / Trinity College,, University of Dublin, Ireland; 2Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC), School of Psychology, Cardiff, United Kingdom; 3School of Physics, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland; 4Dept. Medical Physics & Bioengineering, St. Jamess Hospital, Dublin, Ireland; 5Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging (CAMI), St. Jamess Hospital / Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland; 6School of Medicine, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland

The use of DWI techniques to categorise malignancy or therapy efficacy in tumours has led in recent years to the use of the DWIBS technique for ADC quantification. A comparative study of DWIBS with an accurate ADC measurement technique found no difference in mean ADC values measured by the two techniques in a moving phantom and when static. However, a noticeable spread in ADC values was noted, particularly in small tumours, which may be of significance when monitoring therapy efficacy where slight changes in tumour heterogeneity may be inferred from subtle changes in ADC histograms