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Abstract #0861

In Vivo Liver 31P MRS at 7T: Initial Experience

Marek Chmelik1, Stephan Gruber1, Siegfried Trattnig1, Wolfgang Bogner1

1MR Centre of Excellence, Department of Radiology, Medical University Vienna, Vienna, Austria

The feasibility of hepatic in vivo localized 31P-MRS at 7T in clinically acceptable measurement time was tested using three different localization strategies (1D-ISIS, 3D-ISIS and hybrid 1D-ISIS/2D-CSI). The quality of acquired spectra was compared in terms of SNR, linewidths and PCr contamination from surrounding muscle. Liver 31P MRS at 7T provides improved data quality in acceptable measurement time. 3D-ISIS and 1D-ISIS/2D-CSI provide excellent localization whereas 1D-ISIS provides highest SNR in shortest time but higher contamination.