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Abstract #0990

Proton & Sodium MRI Follow-Up of Human Colorectal Tumors Implanted in Mice. Comparison between Two Photodynamic Therapy Protocols.

Carole Danielle Thomas1,2, Florent Poyer1,2, Philippe Maillard2,3, Andreas Volk1,2, Guillaume Garci2,3, Alain Croisy1,2, Mihaela Lupu1,2, Joel Mispelter1,2

1Research, Curie Institute/INSERM U759, Orsay, France, Metropolitan; 2University Paris XI, Orsay, France, Metropolitan; 3Research, Curie Institute/CNRS UMR176, Orsay, France, Metropolitan

Introduction: Two protocols of photodynamic therapy (PDT) were characterized via 1H and 23Na MRI.