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Abstract #1003

Investigation of Mobile Lipid Resonances in Cervical Tissue Biopsies & Correlation with Cytoplasmic Lipid Droplets.

Dominik Zietkowski1, Geoffrey Payne2, Nandita deSouza2

1CRUK & EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre , The Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom; 2CRUK & EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre, The Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom

This study compares mobile lipid resonances (MLR) in cervical tissue biopsies between normal epithelium & stroma, dysplastic epithelium (CIN) and cancer and tests for a correlation with the presence and number of cytoplasmic lipid droplets. Large heterogeneity in the lipid content among samples in all three classes resulted in no significant differences in MLR intensities between them, although CIN biopsies displayed more MLR (apart from the polyunsaturated peak at 2.8 and triglyceride at 4.1 and 4.3 ppm which were higher in the cancer class). The number of lipid droplets correlated significantly with most intense methyl and methylene peaks.