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Abstract #1057

Correlation between Cancer & Altered Proton MR Spectroscopic Imaging in the Prostates Central Gland

Angel Moreno-Torres1, Antonia Blanch2, Cesar Arribas3, Jose-Maria Gil-Vernet Sed4, Isidro Bonet-Palau

1Research Department, Cetir Grup Medic, Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain; 2Unitat Clinica El Pilar, Cetir Grup Medic, Barcelona; 3Unitat Clinica El Pilar, Cetir Grup Medic, Barcelona, Spain; 4Centro Gil-Vernet de Urologa, Centro Mdico Teknon, Barcelona, Spain

Although cancer detection in the prostates central gland by means of proton MRS and MRI is a difficult issue, spectra with altered MRS are often found. In this ongoing study, we aimed to find a correlation between the observed alterations and the presence of cancer. Results showed that, in the studied group with MRS suggesting malignancy, there were both cancerous and non-cancerous prostates and, therefore, the seek correlation was only partial. Such results and the real percentages of cancer true and false positives are valuable data in a clinical setting for the interpretation of MRS in the prostates central gland.