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Abstract #1175

Accuracy of Automatic Contour Detection for Quantification of Left Ventricular Volumes, Mass & Ejection Fraction

Gilion Hautvast1, Carol Salton2, Michael Chuang2,3, Marcel Breeuwer1,4, Christopher O'Donnell3,5, Warren Manning2

1Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands; 2Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, United States; 3National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, Framingham, MA, United States; 4Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands; 5Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, United States

In this work we examine cine CMR data derived from a large, community-based cohort to determine: 1) the contribution of the basal LV slice(s) at ED to LV volumes and EF and 2) the effect of manual correction of automatically-detected LV contours on global LV functional parameters. Our results show that automatic myocardial contour detection for determination of LV volumes and EF is feasible and accurate in a large, population-based sample of adults. After inclusion of basal slice data, further manual corrections to the automatically-detected contours have minimal effect on the final outcome of global functional parameters.