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Abstract #1230

Characterization of Morphological Features & Critical Mechanical Condition Along Carotid Plaques using In Vivo MRI & Finite Element Simulation

Chengcheng Zhu1, Zhongzhao Teng1, Umar Sadat1, Victoria E. Young1, Martin J. Graves1, Zhiyong Li1,2, Jonathan H. Gillard1

1Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom; 2School of Biological Science & Medical Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, People's Republic of

The rupture of atherosclerotic carotid plaque is one of the main causes of ischemic cerebrovascular events such as stroke. Carotid plaque rupture/ulceration is often located in the region proximal to the maximum stenosis. We aim to quantify both the morphological and mechanical features along the plaque to identify high risk factors for rupture.