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Interleaved LOcal Excited Black Blood (LOBBI) & Bright Blood MRI for Improved Vessel Wall DCE

Jinnan Wang1, Huijun Chen2, Gregory J. Wilson3, Niranjan Balu2, William S. Kerwin2, Chun Yuan2, Peter Boernert4

1Clinical Sites Research Program, Philips Research North America, Seattle, WA, United States; 2University of Washington; 3Philips Healthcare; 4Philips Research Europe

Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI has been used to quantify the inflammation in atherosclerotic plaques. The current technology of using mere bright or black blood contrast images, however, can not achieve the required high temporal resolution for AIF and high spatial resolution for vessel wall. In this abstract, an inverleaved Black and Bright blood DCE MRI was proposed. A novel LOBBI sequence was used to eliminate the signal intereference between Black and Bright blood images and the technique was validated in a flow phantom experiment.