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Abstract #1239

Local Excitation Black Blood Imaging (LOBBI) for Local Transmission Coil at High Field MRI (7T & Above)

Jinnan Wang1, Niranjan Balu2, Gregory J. Wilson3, Chun Yuan2, Peter Boernert4

1Clinical Sites Research Program, Philips Research North America, Seattle, WA, United States; 2University of Washington; 3Philips Healthcare; 4Philips Research Europe

High field MRI provides a unique approach to characterize atherosclerotic plaques with improved SNR and new contrast. The unavailability of global T/R coil on high field systems due to homogeneity issues, however, limits its further application in black blood imaging. No current BB techniques works without global excitation due to inflow effects. This abstract proposes a new imaging that achieves effective BB with only local excitation and a flow phantom experiment is also conducted for validation.