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Abstract #1257

Prospective Respiratory Motion Correction with an Image Based Navigator

Markus Henningsson1, Jouke Smink2, Rene M. Botnar1

1Division of Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering, King's College London, London, United Kingdom; 2Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands

In this work a novel 2D navigator (2Dnav) is proposed, which prospectively corrects for translational motion in foot-head and left-right direction. The 2Dnav was implemented as a Cartesian bSSFP sequence and used a template matching algorithm for motion estimation. The 2Dnav was compared to a diaphragmatic 1D navigator with a tracking factor of 0.6 at 10 mm gating window and no gating. Visual assessment preferred the 2Dnav over the 1Dnav for no gating while there was no significant difference for a gating window of 10mm.