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Abstract #1270

Accelerated Contrast-Enhanced Whole Heart Coronary MRI using Low-Dimensional-Structure Self-Learning & Thresholding (LOST), an Improved Compressed Sensing Reconstruction

Mehmet Akcakaya*1, Tamer Basha*1, Kraig V. Kissinger1, Beth Goddu1, Lois Goepfert1, Warren J. Manning1, Reza Nezafat1

1Dept. of Medicine (Cardiovascular Division), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States

Use of contrast agents in whole heart coronary MRI is known to increase SNR and CNR. However, to take full advantage of the presence of contrast media, the scan times need to be shortened. In this work, we investigated a prospectively accelerated whole heart contrast-enhanced coronary MRI after a bolus infusion of Gd-BOPTA using low-dimensional-structure self-learning and thresholding (LOST), an improved CS reconstruction.