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Abstract #1281

3D-Rotational Phase-Contrast MR Angiography

Axel Bornstedt1, Eberhard Hansis2, Michael Grass3, Wolfgang Rottbauer1, Volker Rasche1

1Internal Medicine II, University Hospital Ulm, Ulm, Germany; 2Philips Healthcare; 3Philips Research Europe

The acquisition of high resolution phase-contrast angiography is still limited by the long acquisition times. Considering the sparseness of the vascular structures, three-dimensional reconstruction techniques applied to X-ray angiography may be translated to MRI images. In this contribution, the acquisition of few projection images (thick-slab) of the vascular structures by phase-contrast MRI in combination with an iterative algorithm optimized for the reconstructing of sparse objects from few projection data by minimizing of the L1 norm of the reconstruction was tested for high-resolution phase-contrast MRA.