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Abstract #1288

Non-Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography of the Renal Arteries with Inversion-Prepared B-SSFP: A Comparison of Different Imaging Protocols

Peter Schmitt1, Michaela Schmidt1, Manuela Rick1, Michael O. Zenge1, Peter Weale2, Xiaoming Bi2, Edgar Mller1

1MR Application & Workflow Development, Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector, Erlangen, Germany; 2Cardiovascular MR R&D, Siemens Healthcare, Chicago, IL, United States

This work evaluates four different protocol approaches for IR-prepared b-SSFP non-CE MR angiography of the renal arteries: A standard labeling method with a single transverse inversion slab is compared versus a targeted V-shaped scheme, and an ECG-triggered, navigator-based approach with shorter TI versus a respiratory triggered strategy with longer TI. Image quality was found to improve from transverse to targeted labeling, and from shorter TI to longer TI, in particular in critical subjects with diminished blood flow conditions. The assessment of such problematic cases and optimizations towards a generic, robust and time-efficient solution will be the focus of further investigations.