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Abstract #1340

High Resolution Whole Heart Cardiac Perfusion Imaging using CAIPIRINHA

Daniel Stb1, Felix A. Breuer2, Christian Oliver Ritter1, Dietbert Hahn1, Herbert Kstler1

1Institute of Radiology, University of Wrzburg, Wrzburg, Bavaria, Germany; 2Research Center Magnetic Resonance Bavaria, Wrzburg, Germany

Applying CAIPIRINHA with an acceleration factor higher than the number of simultaneously acquired slices allows accelerating the imaging procedure in slice and phase encoding direction. With this Parallel Imaging approach myocardial perfusion imaging can be performed with whole heart coverage and high spatial resolution. 12 slice first pass in-vivo examinations are demonstrated, showing excellent image quality at a high spatial resolution of 2.0 x 2.0 mm2. Being easy to implement and providing short reconstruction times, the technique is suitable for application in clinical routine.