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Abstract #1387

T2CSF Pitfalls using Water as Internal Reference for Metabolite Quantification

Markus Sack1, Gabriele Ende1, Wolgang Weber-Fahr1

1Neuroimaging, Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany

The internal water signal is often used as an internal reference for metabolite quantification. We conducted two T2 measurements for an anterior cingulate single voxel MRS location to determine the T2 times for BM and CSF. Spectra and T2maps were obtained from 23 subjects and fitted by a bi-exponential and a mono-exponential function, respectively. Both obtained datasets showed a strong dependency of the evaluated T2CSF values on the CSF content calculated by SegSpec. A computational model could mimic this dependency by overestimating the CSF content. Nevertheless, further investigations are necessary to discover the underlying mechanism or unknown additional compartment(s).