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Abstract #1479

Combined MRE & SPAMM Tagged MRI for the Analysis of Large Strain Soft Tissue Mechanical Properties

Kevin Mattheus Moerman1,2, Andre M. J. Sprengers2, Ciaran Knut Simms1, Anneloes E. Bohte2, Rolf M. Lamerichs3, Ralph Sinkus4, Aart J. Nederveen2

1Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; 2Radiology Department, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands; 3Philips Research, Eindhoven, Netherlands; 4Radiology Department, CRB3, Hpital Beaujon (U773), INSERM, Clichy, France

The MRI based non-invasive analysis of soft tissue mechanical properties has been the focus of many fields of research. MR Elastography (MRE) allows for the estimation of shear elasticity and viscosity properties and has been shown to be beneficial in the study of liver fibrosis and breast lesions. However, this technique has mainly been limited to microscopic strain levels. Using indentation of a silicone gel soft tissue phantom the current study presents the combination of a fast SPAMM tagged MRI sequence and MRE for the analysis of the large strain mechanical behavior of soft tissue.