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Abstract #1486

Three Dimensional Shear Wave Scattering MR Elastography.

Sebastian Papazoglou1, Sebastian Hirsch1, Dieter Klatt1, Jrgen Braun2, Ingolf Sack1

1Department of Radiology, Charit University Medicine, Berlin, Germany; 2Institute of Medical Informatics, Charit University Medicine, Berlin, Germany

In magnetic resonance elastography shear elasticity of soft tissues is traditionally determined on basis of measured displacement wave data. Especially in strongly heterogeneous tissues such as the brain, standard inversion techniques may miss diagnostically valuable structural information. In contrast to the displacement field, the information content of intensity is related to characteristic length scales of shear wave scattering. In this study we demonstrate that 3D shear wave scattering MRE based on the distribution of shear wave intensity in gel phantoms is capable of revealing structural information even when wave inversion suggests similar elastic properties.