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Abstract #1592

Reliability of Functional & Effective Connectivity of the Resting State Motor Network in Healthy Subjects

Tejaswini Kavallappa1, Steven Roys2, Anindya Roy3, Joel Greenspan2, Rao Gullapalli2, Alan McMillan2

1Dept. of Nuclear Medicine & Diagnostic Radiology, Univeristy of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States; 2University of Maryland School of Medicine; 3University of Maryland Baltimore County

The reliability of functional and effective connectivity (using structural equation modeling [SEM]) was examined. Reliability assessment was performed on four datasets that were subject to various types of physiological and mean brain signal filtering. Path coefficients in effective connectivity demonstrated a higher degree of variability compared to correlation coefficients in functional connectivity, regardless of filtering method used. The high variability from test-retest results from SEM analysis suggests caution when interpreting results from such analysis.